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Obesity has become a public health crisis in Evansville, IN, and a problem that is too big for a single individual or organization to resolve.  As such, it is time to bring together a coaltion of citizens interested in reclaiming the health of our community and the longevity of future generations.  When Mayor Lloyd Winnecke took office in 2012 he created Energize Evansville as a free, public outreach to bring active solutions to comunity residents through the parks department. Every third Saturday from 9 to 11 a.m. a free fitness program is arranged at a city park year-round.  Professional fitness instructors volunteer and teach activities from weight training and Zumba to weight training and aqua aerobics.  For more info, go to the Energize Evansville Facebook site.

Blame the joystick?

Obesity is one of the most widespread and serious health problems in our nation's children.  Presently 15% of children between 12 and 19 years of age are overweight, approximately 1 in 5.  Up to a fourth of children between 6 and 8 years of age have a body mass that puts then at risk for cardiovascular disease.  

Statistics show that kids who are overweight are at high risk for becoming overweight adults.  The resulting healh consequences cause 300,000 preventable deaths a year and about $120 billion in health costs.  If the trend continues, by the year 2050 75% of Americans will be overweight.

It is interesting to note that the body weight of parents is the most reliable predictor of a child becoming overweight as an adult.  The Surgeon General reported that if a child has one or more parents who are overweight that child's chances of becoming an overweight adult are 80% greater than a child of normal weight parents.  Conversely if both parents are physically active, the children are six times more likely to be physically active than children of inactive parents.  

Blame the joystick?  We should start blaming ourselves.  Since children learn by example parent involvement is the key to controlling our kids' weight and health.  Come exercise with us at Energize Evansville and bring your kids!


Life Changing 

Terry Voegel, age 67, credits the Energize Evansville program for helping him lose 60 pounds and qualify for knee replacement surgery in July 2014.  Tony Maslan, Lisa Bell, Randy Kemp, and his family helped keep him working out and nutritionally complete.  Pharmanex products Lifepak Nano and ageLOC Vitality were a huge part of his weight loss and post-surgical success.

Lisa Bell, Fitness Columist


A series of fitness challenges got the blood pumping for families at the Swonder Ice Arena this morning. The Energize Evansville campaign started a four-part series on the fundamentals of fitness this morning. 

Activities like jump roping, push-ups and agility training kept kids busy today, while parents hit the treadmills.

The event focused on learning the basics. Organizers remind people that things like taking the stairs can keep you healthy and those good habits start with teaching your children.  

"I'm here because me and my dad were planning to come here to exercise and get some work done so you can stay healthy," third-grader Kacye Mays said.

Kacye says she jumped rope 87 times in a minute and challenged her dad to a competition. She was surprised to see he was in better shape than she thought, he had a hundred jumps in one minute.


Okay, let’s not get too technical. The folks from Energize Evansville realize that Lloyd Pool is not a park. But this summer, the Fitness In The Park events have been held at area pools – and this is the last water aerobics event.  As always, this is a totally FREE event and is open to people of all ages and fitness levels. There is something for everyone and you can feel free to go at your own pace. Even Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will be on hand, as he has been all summer. 


Lisa Bell is a powerhouse.  She's an inspiration and can motivate action like no one else!


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